Get fast money while on Financial credit institution

Entering a list of defaulters is very simple: it is enough to not face the payment of a contracted debt so that we end up on one of the most feared black lists in our country, such as that of Financial Credit Institution, an acronym for the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments, or the RAI. As long as the debt is active, our name will remain on the list, so the only alternative to get out of them is to pay, as simple as it is complicated to implement.

We are forced to request another loan

We are forced to request another loan

This situation causes that, in situations of illiquidity, we are forced to request another loan to pay off the contracted debt. But who is going to grant us another loan while we are on a list of defaulters? Being in this situation supposes an automatic rejection of our loan request in any financial institution. It is the whiting that bites its tail; We need liquidity and a new loan to pay a debt, but no bank wants to loan us money.

In circumstances like the present, with a high leverage of families and companies and such a high credit restriction, it is not strange to find people who appear on these lists; This does not have to mean that the person is necessarily insolvent, but it is a problem facing an expense or other debt. In fact, this defaulters file includes, in some cases, defaults as little relevant as a telephone bill or unsatisfied permanence penalties.

However, there are alternatives to bank financing to try to solve this problem. This is the mini credits with Financial Credit Institution, a very useful resource for those people who are in a list of defaulters and need money for any need.

It is a very interesting alternative, especially if we need small amounts. But who can we turn to if we are at Financial Credit Institution?

For higher quantities

For higher quantities

In the case of needing a higher amount that we cannot credit with income while in Financial Credit Institution, we may choose some other alternative, as long as we have some type of property, totally or partially paid. Some of the entities that offer this alternative are:

  • This entity grants quick loans to those who have a property, regardless of whether they are in Financial Credit Institution or any other list of defaulters. The maximum amount that can be obtained is 300,000 USD, depending on the value of the property.
  • Thanks to your home equity loan, we will be able to obtain up to 70% of the value of the home to be returned in 35 years at 3% interest. This entity agrees to grant us the money within 48 hours, after its approval.
  • This is a mortgage loan with a maximum term of 15 years in which it is not necessary to prove income and that will be granted to us for an amount greater than 3,000 USD. In 24 hours we can get a response to our request.

In any case, the number one priority of anyone who appears on any such list is to pay their outstanding debt, since we will be able to access a greater number of possibilities and, in this way, we will be able to obtain credit under more favorable conditions. Although some of these alternatives are very interesting, your request should be punctual, only in extreme cases of need.

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